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Setting marks for our own social responsibility is an integral part of the HOBART company philosophy.

We support for example local social and cultural projects and institutions, such as kindergartens, associations, and social organisations.

Furthermore, we are committed to the WorldVision project, and for many years have been sponsoring two children in Tanzania.

For more than 12 years, we have supported Johanes and Dorice with donations in cash and kind to give them a carefree childhood and a secure future.

Dorice (21 years) is now training as a kindergarten teacher.

With our help, Johanes (16 years) is attending secondary school where he learns to speak and write English.

After many years of intensive support, World Vision was able to provide new perspectives for the people in the Lweru project. We did not stop at fulfilling material needs and providing medical devices, medication, school furniture, or farming tools. We actively involved the people in all our activities and transferred key know-how. This enabled the children and their families to take their lives in their own hands, without the help from others. They are in a better position now and look into the future with optimism.


WorldVision is an international non-profit organisation which focuses on sustainable cooperation for development, emergency aid, and advocacy for developmental policy. The work of WorldVision focuses on supporting children, their families and their environment in their fight against poverty and injustice. Primarily children benefit from the help provided by WorldVision, as they are the future of the society they live in. Help is given for example in the sectors medical care, aids control, education, and promotion of vocational training. All groups of the population are included on a permanent basis, so that over time, we help people to help themselves.

World Vision now faces new challenges and commits itself to the Rukoma project to help children in need.

Rukoma is in North-West Tanzania. Most families in the region are farmers. Because of the inefficient farming methods, however, their income is insufficient to feed their children properly.

40 % of the children under five years of age are chronically malnourished. Many small children have not received vaccinations and are often sick.

A large percentage of the children don't go to school. The quality of the school education is bad due to excessively large classes and lack of teaching material.

For this reason, we will once more support two children and their families under the umbrella of World Vision, this time in the Rukoma project.

We want to improve their living conditions in terms of farming efficiency, income, health, nutrition, education, and water supply.

We will sponsor Gibson Bruno Justinian (5) and Anitha Eliasi Rafael (7).

Johanes 2005

  • born in Tanzania in 2001
  • 4 siblings
  • lives with his parents in the "Lweru" project

Dorice 2005

  • born in Tanzania in 1996
  • 2 siblings
  • lives with her mother in the "Lweru" project

2012: Johanes is 10 years old.

Together with his two sisters and one brother, Johanes helps with the daily chores. Every child is responsible for a specific task; Johanes's job is getting the water. His favourite activity in school is reading books.

2012: in January, Dorice celebrates her 16th birthday.

She loves to help her mother in the kitchen. Dorice's favourite school subject is Kiswahili, the official language in Tanzania. In her spare time, she enjoys playing basketball with her two brothers.

2014: A special Christmas gift

With a special Christmas gift of 150 Euro, Johanes bought a bicycle, a mattress, a T-shirt, trousers and exercise books. Johanes is of good health. He currently attends elementary school.

2014: A special Christmas gift

With a special Christmas gift of 150 Euro, the 18-year old Dorice bought new clothes, a dictionary, exercise books and an umbrella. Dorice attends secondary school and will complete her training as a kindergarten teacher in March 2016.